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Clare Levison

Author and Award Winning Certified Public Accountant

Frugal Isn’t Cheap: Spend Less, Save More, and Live BETTER

In Frugal Isn't Cheap, Clare Levison serves up practical financial advice with a side of southern charm. Filled with real-life stories, it will challenge you to change the way you think about money.  Here you can order your copy, see reviews, and read an excerpt from the book.

Check out this clip, Certified Public Accountant Clare Levison releases new book.

Watch this clip to learn How to Get in Touch with Your Frugal Side.

Clare was featured in the November 2013 issue of Kiplinger’s.  Read her interview on Why Frugality is Liberating.

Clare has been quoted in Glamour and Redbook:

Wait, Where's the Money Going? 4 Things That Are Hurting Your Cash Flow.

9 Sneaky Things Everyone Leaves Out of Their Budget.

This Is How You'll Waste Less Money in 2014,

Save More Money Each Month

Read Clare’s insights on easy ways to save more money each month:

From Glamour Magazine: Wait, Where's the Money Going? 4 Things That Are Hurting Your Cash Flow

From Daily Finance: 8 Tips to Save an Extra $1,000 in 1 Year (or Sooner!) and Save $500 in 90 Days 7 Tips to Make It Happen

Levison’s Literacy

You may have seen Clare on television promoting financial literacy.

Check out a clip on student loan debt Average student loan is 24K.

If you want tips on going back to school as an adult, check out this clip, Affording college as an adult.

Frugal Living

Read Clare’s thoughts on frugal living.  From Daily Finance: 5 Tips for Frugal Living That Won't Leave You Feeling Miserable.

Get Your Spending Under Control

Read Clare’s insights on getting your spending under control.  From Fox Business: 4 Tips to Get Your Spending Under Control.

Kids Get $65 a Month in Allowance

Read Clare’s thoughts on kids’ allowance.  From Yahoo! Shine: Kids Get $65 a Month in Allowance. Too High, or Just Right?